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How to install SugarCRM?

SugarCRM is a free customer relationship management (CRM) application.

Performing a SugarCRM installation is not very difficult. You can check our SugarCRM installation tutorial for more information on the installation steps.

However, many people find it hard to perform a script installation themselves. This is why many hosting providers offer automatic tools through which users can easily install an application in just a few clicks.

As one of the leading hosts on the market, SiteGround offers automatic tools for easy application installation. Our customers can install SugarCRM in just a few clicks from their cPanel > Softaculous tool. For more information on how to install SugarCRM via Softaculous we also provide a detailed SugarCRM Softaculous installation tutorial.

If you have problems installing SugarCRM yourself and your current host does nothing to help you, check our SugarCRM hosting package. SiteGround offers the best SugarCRM hosting and we’ll assist you with any SugarCRM-related questions/problems you may have.

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