How to use my account with more than one domain name

In order to use your web hosting account at SiteGround with more than one domain name, you need to make sure it allows addon domains.

This feature is available in higher hosting plans like GrowBig, GoGeek, Cloud and Dedicated servers. If you are using the StartUp shared hosting by SiteGround, but want to use the addon functionality you need to upgrade your hosting plan from the Add Services section of your Customer area.

Please note that if you wish to have a new domain name pointed to your account, you need to register this domain and this can be done from your Customer Area > Add Services > Register a Domain.

Once you have the right plan allowing addon domain functionality and the domain name is registered you need to set up your addon domain through the cPanel -> Addon Domains section in order to activate it. Click here for more information on how this can be done.

Alternatively, if you don't want to have separate websites but just separate domains which load the same website, you can park your existing domain names to your primary one. This can be done in any web hosting plan. You can park your domains from your cPanel > Parked Domains.

If you are having problems using your account with more than one domain at your current host, you can sign up for our cPanel hosting package. SiteGround's support team will happily assist you with configuring your account to work with more than one domain.

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  1. Reply February 25, 2017 / 11:48 Louis KennedySiteGround Team

    I have a domain name with a different registrar. I have created two A records pointing to your DNS servers. However, when I access the domain, the message "Oops! Website currently not available" from your site displays.

    Please advise what I need to do.

    Many thanks

    • Reply February 27, 2017 / 16:33 Ivan AtanasovSiteGround Team

      Your domain is currently using our NameServers which means that the Authoritative DNS Zone is managed on our server. If you are planning to modify any DNS Zones you should perform the modification from here.

      As for the error message you mentioned, this could have been related to the fact that the NameServers change is not instant and could take up to 72 hours in order to propagate and complete globally.

  2. Reply March 14, 2017 / 06:28 EdwinSiteGround Team

    I have another domain name registered in another provider ... my question is How much does it cost to add this domian to my hosting plan. and in the I will have 2 domain pointing to the same hosting

    • Reply March 14, 2017 / 12:05 Ivan AtanasovSiteGround Team

      The domain name is already registered with a remote provider. Assuming that you will keep it registered there, you can simply add it in your cPanel as an Addon or Parked domain. No payment will be required.

      The steps:
      1. Add the domain in your cPanel (as Addon domain or Parked domain)
      2. Contact your domain name registrar and ask them to help with changing the NameServers of the domain in question (You can get the NameServers from your User Area -> My Accounts -> Information & Settings)

      Note that the modification of the NS will take time to propagate globally, more information is available here.

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